Cirque Boreal offers a place to learn and train in aerial acrobatics in Alaska. We teach aerial silk, aerial sling, aerial hoop, and aerial performance classes as well as hosting open aerial times for those who just want to get some air time. Stop by and learn to fly!
Cirque Boreal loves aerial acrobatics

A few extra Covid precautions:

Performing circus in the boreal...
Performing circus in the boreal...

Cirque Boreal brings the art of aerial acrobatics to the Anchorage and Eagle River area. We teach lessons in aerial silk, aerial sling, circus performance, and much more!

Hangtime - Come hang with us!
Hangtime - Come hang with us!

...because sometimes we all need a little air. Come practice your aerial acrobatics at our open hang times or take an aerial silk class!

Cham Performance
Cham Performance

An aerial silk performance for charity in Fairbanks, Alaska Cirque Boreal teaches aerial silk classes in Anchorage and Eagle River.

Aerial Silk with Cirque Boreal
Aerial Silk with Cirque Boreal

Bringing aerial acrobatics to the Anchorage area. Come take aerial silk classes with us in Anchorage and Eagle River.

Where We're Located:

In Eagle River

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AMAC has updated policies to conform with newer CDC recommendations. Our policy is a 7 day quarantine if you test negative for COVID or a 10 day quarantine (without symptoms) if you do not take a test. 

Because most classes at AMAC are geared toward youth under 16, we have not modified most policies for vaccinated people. Cirque Boreal is conforming to AMAC policies even for our adult classes.  

All people entering AMAC are required to wear a face covering.

Students will be asked to wash/sanitize hands upon entry.

Masks will be worn throughout class. If you need to remove your mask for any reason you will be asked to step outside and wash your hands upon re-entry.

Students are asked to come and go in the clothes they will be working out in. (AMAC has restricted the use of changing rooms).

Parents are asked to drop students off and not stay to watch. Other observers are not welcome at this time, and the space will be restricted to active participants. 

Instruction will be limited to verbal and visual instruction. There will be no physical cuing or spotting. 

We will no longer be sharing silks. Aerial equipment will be switched out and/or sanitized between classes.