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Aerial Acrobatics is an art form in which a person performs while suspended in the air. Considered part of the circus arts, it used to be seen only at circus shows. But the popularity of aerial has boomed in the last decade, and now you can find aerial studios across the country. Cirque Boreal is proud to bring the art of aerial acrobatics to Alaska in Anchorage and Eagle River.

Meet Our Instructor:

Cirque Boreal Instructor, Stephany Jeffers

My name is Stephany Jeffers and I have been doing aerial since 2008. I grew up in Chugiak, AK. I got a degree in Biology with a minor in Theater at Whitworth University in Spokane. That's where my real love of dance started. My background is in ballroom, musical theater dance, and improv. When I started doing aerial, I trained in aerial with the Aerial Angels and continued to work with local Alaskan aerialists.  After a few years I packed up my silks and hit the road... I lived in Seattle, Tucson, Brooklyn, and SLC for a time and have enjoyed checking out the aerial scene in each.  I had been teaching aerial recreationally for about 5 years, but in 2016 started Cirque Boreal. I have a masters in Biology that I may use someday, but for now I love getting to build a circus community and make a living dancing on air. 

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