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Aerial Silks with Cirque Boreal

Classes at Anchorage Community Works

Intro to Aerial Silks
aerial class is fun!
Rebecca split sequence
Full silks
Fun with aerial silk
His and Her Silks
Man splits
upside down hang aint no thang
Splits Galore
Beauty everywhere
Aerial at Anchorage Community Works
Silks and strength
Love at first split
Come stag or with friends
I <3 aerial
Cirque Boreal at ACW
In the air
Regal in footlock
Steph's least favorite move
the greatest of ease...
Open Hang
Aerial Amy
Cirque Boreal
Aerial Hoop (Lyra)
Side split in the air
Fun with Cirque Boreal
Beauty in the air
We flippin' love it!
Fun is Key
Half Monty
Aerial Arabesque
Aerial Silks - Tear Drop
Inverted split in Aerial Silks
Flip Prep
Splits and smiles
Intro to Aerial Silks
Inverted stag
Get on up
Aerial Silk Fun
Open Hang for all
I <3 Cirque Boreal
Inverted man splits!
Splits in Sling
Inverted lady splits
Extension for days
Peter Pan
Neck Hang
Inversions in Sling
Half Monty
Cirque Boreal - we love aerial
Bendy Wendy

Classes at the Alaska Moving Arts Center

Aerial Silks in Eagle River
Tandem Stag
Superwoman CAN fly
Silks and Smiles
Learn the art of Aerial Acrobatics
Open Hang
We flipping LOVE aerial
Come Stag or as a party
Get Flexi!
Come Hang Out
Everyone can try it!
Cirque Boreal - Aerial Silks
Aerial for All
Flyin' high
Party with us
Aerial Silk Classes in Alaska
An hour just for you
Reach for the Stars!
Can't bring us down!
Peter Pan in Aerial Silks
Get it, girl!
Join our 6-week sessions
Fun with Cirque Boreal
Arabesque in the Air
Mother/Daughter Bonding
Mother/Daughter Bonding
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